Beginning Jiu Jitsu as a Female

At first glance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) can be very intimidating and confusing, to say the least.  Not to mention, as a woman, all I could see was a bunch of big, sweaty men smashing each other….first thought: NO THANKS!  Luckily, after really looking into it and seeing it as the art it really is it intrigued me and sucked me in!  BJJ was and still is a huge part of my husband, Brandon’s life; he is the reason I started training jiu jitsu.  After talking about it with him and watching videos and doing a little reading on-line I realized how empowering and physically amazing jiu jitsu really is.  For example, I watched a 165 pound man roll under, sweep and submit an almost 200 pound man in about 10 seconds…WOW!  Seeing that, I was sold, I am going to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!!  Think about it from a self defense point, as a female, if you are attacked what is most likely going to happen?  The attacker will stand up, want to go toe-to-toe or you will get grabbed and taken down to the ground?  Definitely to the ground, which is where the magic happens in jiu jitsu!  I am currently a blue belt, although out of practice due to having a baby, I cannot describe the confidence and satisfaction in knowing I have learned and practiced BJJ technique after technique and have skill to defend myself if something should happen.  One of the best things about jiu jitsu is that you can spar (or “roll” as we say) at 100%, which means you can practice the techniques you’ve learned and drilled with men and women of different shapes and sizes at full strength!  You don’t have to hold back when going for a submission or sweep, its awesome!

Now, I can’t lie, you will get your butt kicked for a while, but you will learn SO much from it!!  I would say the most common answer when asking a new student how they liked the class is, “I don’t know what I’m doing but I loved it”!  It takes a while to get your bearings and you absolutely have to learn to leave your ego at the door and know that you are learning and will continue to get better and better!  It makes the first time you get that sweep or submit your partner that much sweeter, you’ll never forget it!  Also, coming from a female who was the ONLY female for years, do not ever be afraid or ashamed to let someone know they are going to hard and they need to slow down.  If someone makes you uncomfortable, talk with them or if you feel you can’t, talk to your teacher and avoid sparring with that person.  Its hard for some men to find the happy medium when rolling with a female, they don’t want to hurt you but they also do NOT want to tap!  Communication is everything, learn from your mistakes and when someone catches you, ask them what they did and how.  Not only will they not get it again on you, you can try it now!

What I want to get across is, COME ON LADIES, TRAIN BJJ!!!!!  Its not just for men and is extremely beneficial!  You will surprise yourself with how strong and confident you will feel!