Dojo Fitness

What sets us apart from other martial arts schools and academies is that we offer a variety of physical fitness classes. As with all martial arts the goal is the same: to be healthier and stronger each day, this is why we also incorporate fitness classes to focus on functional strength and conditioning.  In these classes you will be motivated, pushed to the next level and face new challenges each day by our knowledgeable instructors.  These classes are constantly changing so you will never be bored with the same old routine and reach your goals with hard work and dedication, no more “plateaus” in your physical fitness!  Each class will focus on the entire body, leaving no muscle behind, while also working your cardiovascular system.

Dojo Fitness is a method based on scientific observation that has been proven to enhance athletic abilities through breath control, body weight strength, balance and flexibility training.  Incorporating it prior to BJJ training, the practice hacks the body’s physiology and mitigates key stress responses (ie. adrenaline disruptions and lactic acid accumulation) which bulletproofs your energy and in turn allows relaxation and a higher enjoyment of the art. No matter your experience or inexperience in exercise and/or martial arts, you will not only enjoy these classes but, in time, you won’t be able to stay away!

What you can expect:

– Movements and exercises you have never experienced before, with variations for anyone to be more than able to participate, there is no “one size fits all” mentality

– A supportive, encouraging and safe atmosphere with fellow students and instructors

All you need is yourself, comfortable gym clothes and plenty of water!

**photo above was taken during one of Dojo’s Strength and Conditioning classes, the students are doing an exercise called a “burpee”.