Eating Organic

Diet and Nutrition are extremely important, just as important as physical movement and exercise to great health.  Me and my husband are what you would call “localvores” and eat organic everything – fruits, veggies, meat, eggs, everything we buy is organic and non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). One of the first things people say when organic food comes into the conversation is how expensive it is.  Unfortunately, in this day in age, that is true.  The importance of eating organic as much as possible is higher then ever since the introduction of GMOs which destroys the food on a cellular level, that in addition to the dangerous chemicals and pesticides that are sprayed…its hardly food anymore!  In regards to pesticides, there have been studies that determined the most effected foods, the “Dirty Dozen”, that should always be bought organic. In addition to the “Dirty Dozen” there is also a list called the “Clean 15” which are the foods least effected by pesticides that could be bought conventional without a high amount of pesticides.

Click here for more information about the dangers of pesticides and a copy of the 2 lists.